Loft Stairs

Air tight & insulated

The Passive House Systems Timber Folding Loft Stairs - A superior stairs complete with spring counterbalance mechanism for delightfully easy operation.
Top quality Pine stairs folding into 3 sections, with deep, non-slip treads and plastic feet for extra stability. Includes an air tightness kit between loft door frame and ceiling. High volumes of moisture laden hot air is continuously traveling up around leaky loft stairs doors, in addition poorly insulated doors lead to considerable heat loss and condensation on its (warm-side) surfaces.

We supply a range of Energy Efficient Loft stairs, access door and accessories. If you need it fire-rated let us know, we supply 30 or 60-minute fire rated products. All our products are independently certified as being air-tight (Class 4, EN 12207)) and with U-value down to 0.40 W/m².K. Our loft stairs are fully compliant to European test requirements (EN 14975) and come with a range of accessories. 


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