We have been doing class and site-based training since 2010 and we have trained hundreds of architects, building consultants, and various tradesmen trained on many aspects of NZEB 

practices. Contact us today regarding any of our training programs.

Registered Engineers Ireland Solar PV CPD Training (60min).

On-Site Solar PV products installation METAC training.

Registered Engineers Ireland Airtightness CPD Training (60min).

On-Site Airtightness products installation training.

Outline of the CPD Presentation:
 NSAI Agrément Certification, Requirements of the Building Regulations (Part L), Solar PV Panels, PV System Design, Solar Inverters, Solar Mounting Systems, Strength & Durability, Grid Connections, Safety Labelling, Testing & Commissioning.


Key points for the Solar PV Installation Training:

  • System Sizing requirements.
  • Planning Permission constraints.ESB Networks Requirements and Forms.
  • Roof mounting requirements,
  • New/retrofitProduct Selection
    • Panel Types
    • Roof Mounting fixtures
    • Inverter Types.
    • Safety and Isolating devices.
    • Interfacing to the ESB Network
  • Pre-installation Surveying & Risk Assessment.
  • Health & Safety.
  • Panel installation and testing.
  • Inverter installation and testing.
  • PV Accessories
    • Power Diverter (Immersion Hot water Heating)
  • User Hand-over and final sign-off

Please contact us for any further information about CPD Program.