Our mission is to provide solutions to these problems by introducing new and innovative products which are very durable while flexible enough, and won't break the bank. We regularly see difficulties self-builders and contractors encounter while trying to make their properties air-tight, in either new-build or renovation projects.

PHS Airtight Liquid Membrane is designed for the quick application of an air-tightness surface on the most difficult of surfaces and interfaces between surfaces. Only requires the minimum of site preparation, basic painting skills and within minutes surfaces are permanently air tight,

Our Grommets are used where services penetrate the air-tightness envelope. The EPDM sleeves allow for permanent air tightness, regardless of subsequent trades or building movement. Our German suppliers have an extensive range of internal and external grommets. Contact us about your requirements and we will find a solution.

Down-lights, while pretty, are notorious for being very thermally inefficient and a potential fire hazard.
Our Down-Light Hoods prevent costly draughts from permeating through the down-lighters, and allows the application of insulation over the lights. This results in a consistently insulated and air tight ceiling.
We have two types:
- Fire Rated,
- Non-Fire rated.

Butyl Products - an extensive range of butyl products manufactured by Gerband, is being used in many industries. Contact Us if you have a particular requirement. A small sample are presented on this site.
Gerband manufactures a wide range of Aluminium Tapes as well. A small of these are contained on this website. Let us know if you have a particular application.